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Hi all,

Well, weekend is finally here! I know I’m definitely ready for it – the two jobs is wearing me out a bit lol! Still, the weekend is off to a good start with the fab Daily Hollow dropping in for a visit 🙂


So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

I currently reside in the Carolinas, married to a wonderful wife, and have a beautiful but rambunctious five year old boy. I am reservist in the military and hold a Bachelor’s degree in English/writing and an MBA in business administration. I enjoy traveling with my family, reading, writing, and exercising (though I don’t do nearly enough).

Sounds like you’re busy anyway! Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

When I was in the fifth grade, I wrote a story about a hobbit who defeated a giant. My teacher hung it on the wall for all to read. I always liked books, but since I was little, I knew I would one day write them.

Hehe, well hobbits are always a good start for a writing career 😉 Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

I don’t really have a routine, but I do get many ideas from my morning walks/runs. I’m also in a writing group (ERA) and we have flash fiction Sundays. One of my 198 word stories became a 40k word novella (Leslie’s Dilemma).

Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

At the moment I write erotic romance. I kinda stumbled into it by accident. I was looking for writing contests and during my Google search, I stumbled upon Literotica, a website for those who like reading and writing erotica. I started reading some of the stories and said to myself “I can write that.” However, when I was in college, I wrote mostly paranormal and horror. I think I will eventually go back to writing that genre.

Lol, well it’s a bit of a change from horror! Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

I’ve always been a Stephen King fan. I also like Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and Robert McCammon. I don’t really read a lot in the genre I currently write. If I do, it’s a short story. However, I do recommend Rosemary Wilhide, Spencer Dryden, Mikey Rakes, Lena Black, and Ghiselle St James. Ian Smith is another new author and I helped beta read his current novella, A Knight’s Errant. It should do very well.

What five things could you never do without?

Shrimp tacos from Real Mexico in Columbia SC, watching sports, my laptop, spell check, and, of course, my family.

Tell us a bit about your new release.

It’s a BWWM erotic thriller that is a part of the Tirgearr Publishing’s City Series. It’s about a female Jamaican assassin who begins to fall in love with the man she’s hired to kill. It’s about 25k words and features a lot of hot sex. There’s sex in a car, outdoors, a masturbation scene, and a bed even gets broken.

Ooh, *fans self* just a wee bit steamy then? Where did your inspiration for it come from?

A friend of mine posted the link to the series on FB last year, and it really intrigued me. I couldn’t get started right away because I was in the middle of doing edits for Leslie’s Dilemma and A Night of Firsts. However, once the idea planted itself, it stayed with me like a naughty lover.

Yeah, those little idea seeds do tend to latch on 🙂 What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

Incorporating my friends. Most of the minor characters are friends of mine in one of the small FB groups I belong to. I thought that was neat, and, of course they did too.

Aww, what a fun idea – might need to try this! I may need more secondary characters though lol. What was the hardest part about writing it?

Editing. God, it was hard to edit, and it also requited a bit of research. My friend Ghiselle’s from Jamaica and she helped with some of the logistics. I also scouted youtube videos as well as the internet about bullet proof vests. I even consulted a police officer friend.

Good friend to have 😉 Who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

Gabrella for sure. She’s HOT!

So, just in case we’re not convinced already, why should we run out and buy it right now?:)

Because it’s a page turner. Once you read it, you won’t put it down. One of the editors at Tigrearr said she almost missed the formatting deadline because she kept stopping what she was doing to read. There’s also a some pretty hot sex for those who like that sort of thing 🙂

The man knows us 😉 If you’re wanting to know more the book details are here:


Mark Jenson is a handsome, easy going man who enjoys drinking with his buddies and the occasional Myrtle Beach golf outing.

Gabriella is a beautiful, yet intimidating Jamaican assassin who has nearly fifty kills to her credit. Because Mark unknowingly insulted a mobster’s daughter after they had a drunken night of sex, Gabriella is hired to end Mark’s life. Gabriella had an unusual ritual – she would take souvenirs from her victims. Since this was her last job, and Mark being extremely good looking, his final gift to her is going to be a child.

After hooking up at a club in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gabriella finds herself attracted to Mark. The more she tries to convince herself she needs to complete her job, her feelings for Mark deepen.

And you can get your hands on a copy here:

Amazon –*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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