Monday Catch Up

Hi all,

Well, Monday rolls back around. Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Mine has been great, had my parents visiting, which was lovely, and they even brought some gorgeous sunshine with them 🙂

2016-05-11-1462971004-479389-writerSadly back to reality (and the day job) today, but have been getting lots of things booked in this weekend so at least have some things to look forward to! Booked for the Romance Novellist’s Association (RNA) Conference in July. Will be the first conference I’ve been to and the line-up looks really interesting – some good panels and talks plus am putting in to possibly get some meet-ups with industry people. To be fair I’m not expecting too much to come out of that, but the experience and practice should be good. So, exciting but a little bit scary!

If I do get appointments booked though then will need to get my submission polished up quick and write a dreaded synopsis for it lol. Lots to get done this month 🙂

Anyway, hope your week gets off to a good start. Take care x

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  1. Hi Shelli, didn’t know you were in the RNA. Great! Several of us Scots are going to be there and we’ll look out for you. Not long now, anne stenhouse

    1. Tbh Anne I’m not actually a member but can still go – just at a slightly higher rate lol! I have debated joining before but didn’t seem to be a chapter north of the border? Shall look out for you 🙂

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