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Hi all,

Here we are on Hump Day 😉 Hope you’re having a good week so far. Mine has been a bit up and down, busy and tiring at work but meeting a friend tonight for a wee catch-up and possibly some cocktails – so can’t complain at that! Since it’s mid-week, I thought I’d share a teaser from my current WIP. This is just going into next round edits now so hopefully should have a release date for you soon. The response from my wonderful beta readers has been awesome so far 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


wolves-and-werewolves-fire-and-ice-the-wolf-pack-23828159-240-320Niko cursed as pain shot through his body. Goddamn it! He hated being helpless. Damian was holding him up on one side, and when he staggered another arm went round his waist and a slight form fitted herself under his arm. He didn’t need to turn to know who it was. He could tell from the scent, floral shampoo, Chanel perfume and something light and earthy that was purely her. This had been a bad idea, the scent was going to get into his house and he’d never get rid of it.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t make his cock twitch every time he caught a fucking whiff of it. If he’d been young and not quite so cynical he would have thought it was the scent of his mate, but then he’d been caught out once before on that. He could only assume it must be because she was related to Iyana. Even thinking her name caused him to flinch and deflated his erection beautifully. Yeah, that must be it. Because she was related to the heartless woman who actually had been his mate, before leaving him without looking back, there must be some kind of genetic chemistry. It was awkward, and definitely uncomfortable, but he would live with it. He had to, there was no other option.

Natalia fussed around them, fluffing up pillows and moving tables back out of his way. With the two others aiding him he managed to collapse into his chair, not quite holding back the grunt of pain as he did so. Damn it, he was weaker than he’d thought. He had been genuinely convinced that the doctor was over-reacting, that a day or two maybe with a nurse and he would be fine on his own. Based on the effort required just to get through the fucking door though, he might have to re-think things.

“Here, take these.” Her soft voice feathered down his spine and it was an effort to get his body under control again. He was seriously not going to be sporting wood in front of the pack leader and his mate.

bfsgraywolf1Looking up she was holding out a glass of water and a handful of tablets. He took the glass gingerly.

“What are they?” He eyed the pills a little suspiciously.

“Pain-killers, which it looks like you need right now, antibiotics to speed up the healing. That’s what you want, right?”

There was a challenge in her eyes, and he grunted crabbily at her, snatching the pills and downing them all with the water. Bratty little girl. If he’d been feeling better he’d have made her pay for that. Ways of doing that flashed into his mind and he bit back the groan that was threatening to rise up. This had been a terrible idea, having her in his house, around him all the time, was pretty much going to amount to torture.


Aww, do we feel sorry for him? 😉 Lol, hope the rest of your week goes well – take care x

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