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Here we are on Sunday, and wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Today I have the fab Mary Billiter visiting. Mary is also known as Pumpkin Spice (which I think may be the most adorable pen name ever!) and is here to chat about being part of the Rough Edges Anthology. Who doesn’t want a few hot cowboys for the weekend 😉


Billiter headshotLittle Known Facts About “My Midnight Cowboy”

Mary Billiter writing as “Pumpkin Spice”

1. John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA) is the only commercial service airport in Orange County, California, which was home to legendary film star John Wayne and…Pumpkin Spice! That’s right the Queen of Spice hails from Sunny So Cal along with “the Duke.” So who’s “Duke” John Wayne? Only the most famous cowboy actor of all time! And here’s some more trivia…John Wayne and Pumpkin Spice have something else in common…they both worked under a stage name! That’s right John Wayne’s real name was Marion Robert Morrison, yeah, I’d work under a stage name too! And Pumpkin Spice? Well Mary Billiter came out of the spice cupboard this year…

2. “My Midnight Cowboy” wasn’t the first book of erotic romance I’ve had published, but it’s the first book of erotic romance I wrote. After wrapping up a very G-rated, sweet romance, I found myself almost bored by the saccharin ending. And I wrote it! Then I visualized Lucy and her bestie, Rachel, walking into John Wayne Airport on their way to some big adventure – only Lucy was flying solo – literally and figuratively. When this really hot, but super annoying, wise-ass pipes up in line, everything in Lucy’s world tilts on its axis. Ben and Lucy popped off the page and onto the plane, train and back on the plane before I had a chance to put the brakes on the heat that was happening between them. This story wrote itself. So while I had never written erotica, once Lucy started to describe her baking techniques to Ben, well, there was magic in the air. It also didn’t hurt that it was New Year’s Eve, because, really, anything’s possible on the eve of a New Year.

3. There’s a little bit of Pumpkin, or Spice, in each of these characters. At one time in my life, I worked as a recruiter (Rachel), I owned, rode, and cared for horses and cattle on a ranch (Ben & Scott), and I consider myself a quasi-baker (Lucy) with absolutely no culinary training, but I have logged a lot of time watching “Chopped,” “Cupcake Wars,” and “Cake Boss.” I mean, that, counts, right?


Sure, I think we can let you off with that 😉 Check out the blurb for Pumpkin’s story in the anthology, My Midnight Cowboy.

If chocolate is the way to a man’s heart, then pastry chef Lucy Baker has the recipe for success. But will her culinary skills melt the most-hard hearted bachelor in Wyoming?

A chance encounter on a New Year’s Eve flight leaves two strangers to discover unbound pleasure and a hunger for more sexual discovery.

Cover Rough Edges.jpgRough Edges Anthology Blurb:

Work hard, play hard, love hard…

Nothing is sexier than someone who knows what they want and has the confidence go after it. This anthology is crammed full of hot romances featuring those kinds of rough-around-the-edges alpha personalities–stories about the kind of men and women who ride horses during the day and their partners at night, who speak few words but mean every one of them, and who would never break their own personal code of honor. We’re talking about cowboys… and cowgirls.

This anthology contains seven romances with a Western theme that run the gamut from sweet to sizzling.

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