Monday Catch Up

Hi all,

Well, Monday rolls around again and let’s hope it’s a better week. I would like to say I’m feeling better about the result on Friday, but as I watch our country descend into chaos it’s rather hard to find a positive side. Our economy is plunging, international companies are already starting the process of pulling out of the UK, here in Scotland we’re looking at a second independence referendum, Ireland is being fed talks of a ‘United Ireland’ again amid serious worries about the jeopardisation of the Good Friday Agreement, and we have no leadership willing or capable to start the complicated and lengthy new negotiations that will now be needed. So many Leave voters seem to be regreting their choice as the reality is now starting to become clear to them and the lies they were fed are already being backtracked on.

As someone living in a very diverse and international city the inward-facing view of a lot of the country is a sad thing. I work for an internationally trading company so am worried for my job. I sell books internationally so now need to check the changes to those conditions. Myself, my generation and all the ones to follow have lost the right to live, work and study in Europe. I have so many friends here who have come from Europe for those very reasons – their position is now in jeopardy and there will be no others able to follow them. The boost they brought to out local economy will be lost, the money they provided to our local universities will be lost. The very diversity that makes up our country is being stamped out on a wave of racism and fearmongering.

I’m now holding my hopes on either Scotland being able to negotiate to stay in the EU separately from the rest of the UK (Denmark has a similar set-up so it’s not without precedent) or Indy2 actually going through. It is not a huge hope but tbh it’s more than the rest of the country has.

Anyway, apologies for the mini-rant – though I know quite a few international friends have been asking me about it, so there you go :p Writing-wise, it’s not been a very productive weekend I must admit. Edits are still coming along though for my wolves book 2 and I’m preparing for the re-release of Love Reawakened so things have still been happening. It’s also the last week of my old job (perhaps under the circumstances I should be keeping it lol!) but at least that will give me some more free time and hopefully a bit less stress.

Hope you have a good week. Take care x

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