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Your Slutty Latinas (POV Adventure)Masturbation as a technique for producing sexual pleasure has a controversial history and is still stigmatized, despite anal sex with brazil women in certain social milieus in the last forty years. This can be attributed to the fact that for women sex is symbolically subordinated to the affective link. Among men, the proportion of anal sex with brazil women who had engaged in anal sex falls from seventy-two to twenty-five percent, respectively, while it decreases from thirty-five to ten percent among women. Among our participants, pleasure-seeking behavior, encompassing both physical arousal and emotional desire, emerged as a factor associated with a greater willingness to both engage in and request anal intercourse from male partners. The lab-coated researcher taking notes while observing this-now there's a scene.

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Grodal -14771265 ago
Excellent video! This is the best possible use for a woman,Aw, what a pathetic cum bucket, I aspire to be her one day, put in my place and used, like how I should be.,yeeess all girls should be used like this we are walking sex toys,Lmao I’m a girl and I have a bigger dick than that,Then lock me in it and I'll be your sex toy,God tier replies,havent watched the video but with a title like that i just had to check the comments and sure enough some asshole feminazis dwell here to wich raises my question, what the fuck are you doing on a porn site you hypocrytikal asshole?! as for the title, well there are some really perverted boys and girls(!) that are into stuff like this, total submission, since its on a porn site and not his or her facebook as a status update did it not occur to you that he named the title just to turn on someone?,I accidentally cancelled my previous message (the "small dick syndrome")and your may be true that, as you said, he is "the winner" because he is "using his bitch"...but according to this logic she's a winner too, because she got what she likes, just like him. Perhaps this is not quite satisfactory for a misogynist. Nevertheless, he has a small dick and a small dick syndrome. It is just an observation, I am not being judgemental in a moral sense. Not the right place to do tht,Is that what you think of women? That they're sex slaves whose only purpose in life is to serve and please men? I don't know how stupid you can get, but you do realize that you were brought into the world, raised, fed and loved by a women?? You wouldn't have survived withouth her. You're so pathetic I feel sorry for you,Imagine being this unaware, so I’ll scream it out: SOME BITCHES LIKE IT, ITS A KINK,You asked for it dude,Yes!! I’ll love to do this all day so random strangers could use me and leave,Turn me into a fuck toy please.,Title is a little bit of a controversy,As far as porn goes, that cum-shot at then end, the way it played out on film was magical. I thought I knew what I wanted to see in a porno's climax, but that ending was a brilliant twist. Your work as a dom is inspiring, and this is my new favorite channel:-),Nice rope work on the cum whore;s tits ! i love your videos,This is a corner for psychopaths,Imagine believing having kinks is psycho,hahahahahaha smalest dick ever hahahaha WTF,It would have been a little more impressive if he actually had a dick...,fuck i wish that was me, i need to be on my knees.,Mmm"just something to feed dick to." Love that.,Someone needs to put me in my place,officer hobson offered to treat me like this... i was like "what the fuck?" and he was serious.... 1. that beastia***y 2. i had given no consent nor should i 3. hes old, not sexy at all, and he has a 1-inch wrinkly chode that looks like a over-cooked hotdog!,I'd want to try that too,Great vid,wow,Great vid.,good idea,amazing,Awesome, thanks.,Need to get me one of those!,excellent,wow that made me come too early!! lol
Mill -14944065 ago
but the only thing missing is really to see you cum in the end! in slow motion or normal but see the scene again,acually, i have several videos which i cum at the end, but i will do more like this, i love to have you guys happy here=)),Nice fantasy to try,yes indeed s2,you are absolutely marvellous,omg you are so sweet honey, ty s2,我需要她舔我,i am so sorry honey, i don't seak your language, would you please, try to translate it to portuguese or english, so i can answer you next tie =)),This is so hot. id love one in my arse and a woman controls it,it is so hot actually, i just love it s2,that filter is so distracting,i am sorry for it baby , ty for commenting s2,Ricas tetas,gracias papi s2,you are absolutely amazing,ty honey, you are so kind s2,Where can I get her outfit and the choker from?,i am sorry, i bought it on a local store here in brazil, i don't think they ship it overseas, try to search on e bay for some that looks like,omg... amazing videos..... please upload more of control lovense lush.... love you torture..... very sexy,ty honey i am happy that you liked, i will do more like this soon s2,OMG She is SO fucking sexy!!
Gardagal -14771265 ago
I want to sniff Maria's feet,agree with hungsolo....someboby is sitting on the uncensored version....probably bisholf,LOL I remember watching this live,wish someone would post an uncensored video of this I remember watching it live that night on ECW way back then but it was censored then too. But I know there is the uncensored version out there somewhere.
Migar -14944065 ago
Purely disgusting. Who gets off on this?,me.,Not my thing lol..,The very first golden shower video that I love. Love how the guys piss on the girls as they suck cock and the other guys don't mind if the guy pisses on their dick and legs lol. Blk dude was cute too,Interesting, boring but interesting!
Tojahn -15030465 ago
Meme page,Shitty_poopoo_memes,cute doll.,Great shit and pee from 3.00,Wow that’s a lot of shit what was she eating
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