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"Douche,His dick is tiny D:,there is no excuse for leaving that hat on,Is it ok I want to commit suicide because I have a small ass dick (5 inches) and am short and ugly as fuck to look at?,You can do a lot to make a girl happy even if you have a small dick, doesn’t matter,I've never sucked a cock but I bet I could swallow your 5"" and make you cum in under a minute.,she can't take dick at all"

Slave Tears Of Rome II: Lesbian Slave Providing Sexual FavorsMore Keith Murray lyrics. The brother Ak lied to me murray high tear ass ramadan I'm takin no prisoners, takin no shorts Still drink Olde E, cans 40's and quarts With creativity, and original thought And a twist of fate I twist your face, don't get caught [Chorus: Keith Murray] Yo, we got the ghetto funk, murray high tear ass need to know where the funk is at, funk dat bump that Murray's back with that funk to make a person catch a heart attack he's baaaack! Add new song. Some say I'm sarcastic, with a bad reputation But ignore 'em, don't listen, they mr. Yo, here's, what I'ma do for you Choke you out 'til your lips and your face turn blue Oops!

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Dizuru -4856518 ago
Great to see you back, you are still looking gorgeous
Migal -4942918 ago
Quit jerking off to porn and get your life together,shut up fat ass,Never,I'd definitely like to get my basilisk into her Chamber of Secrets,Alright, Alright, Alright....!,So many beautiful girls like this and I'm just going to die lonely and ugly and dead,was that her dad or granddad?,very hot,You to,shit she looks like Dustin from StrangerThings series,meaty,Damn loving that pussy,as close to KPuff as I've seen...awesome ;-),Shes so fucking perfect!!!,Donuts.....mmmmmm.....mmmmmm...
Kigagore -5115718 ago
I guess you could call it a... SPERM BANK!,This is what I hate about Japanese porn movies. It is still fking hot even when censored which only infuriates me more to think how hot it would've been if it WASN'T censored.,Exactly!!!!,I want to make a deposit.,Why American porn story is always stupid. Japanese porn is way better on this department.,number SDDE-406,Now that's customer service!,I have deposit to make, please what's the name of the bank?,Creampie Cum Bank,Hello getlemen, this is a robbery, give me all your money now!,Anyone have the series number?,Thank you for opening an account sir. Would you like a toaster? No? How 'bout a blowjob? When I get a bj it always gets me off if a chick makes the slurping sounds like at 20:00. I love how proud these chicks look after they swallow a load. Then the girl at the end really pulled a train. All those guys fucked her and dropped a load in her. At the end she looked a little upset, like she fucked up an account number or something. This is some weird shit.,I definitely gotta go Japan for tourism once in my lifetime.,the girl who is being fucked never looks at the guy , I used to be like that never look them in the eye .,world best bank,I think I might be the only Westerner that likes the pixelation.,This is amazing. Does anyone have the catalog code / series number for this video?,Why do you keep watching japanese porn if you will only complain? Smh,At the 35:00 mark it looks and sounds as if the guy blows one hell of a load. However, where did it go? I don't see the girl swallow it?
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