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Daikora -19187162 ago
and if he is stupid enough to post videos of hiimself doing something illegal to girls he brings back then can't blame what begets him late,Dude, I live in Asia and have for 12 years. No, you're wrong. Knowing the language my help, but I've lived in four Asian countries. They do not throw themselves at white men. Most are afraid unless they are working girls. Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese. . .Malays, Singaporeans. . .mostly shy. Thais aren't, but that's their culture. And before I get your idiocy, I am married to a Chinese national.,Ur only a saying this is because u can hide behind the screen lol pussy ass trump lover,ugly girl,funny! WHY ARE CHINESE MEN TALKING SHIT HERE???! If Xi Jingping catches you watching porn or using vpn you are gonna be fucked! and by the way! I lived in China for 8 years! and the common denominator was...CHINESE MEN DONT KNOW HOW TO FUCK!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...Learn how to fuck from westerner men and your women will be alot happier and stop getting your lessons from JAV!!!,somebody please post his account name or where I can find more of him,You guys are so quick to call this guy ugly. He is not. From a classical aesthetic his facial features are what we call masculine Aryan features - the prominent chiseled chin, visibly square facial silhouette, stern bony jawline, thin but prominent nose bridge - and to most Asians, these are what they gravitate to partly because by nature women are attracted to masculinity, 2) they don’t like their Asian male counterparts for their more feminine Androgynous features - round face , recess chin,western masculinity is what Asian culture idealizes anyway. Have you seen how many white guys are on billboard, magazine, and tv ads? If asian businesses have a product to promote, the de facto candidate to promote this product is a white dude.,um... masculinity varies from culture to culture. You're referring to western masculinity.,Typical prostitute place. Watch out bro it's crime,To be honest, these chicks are too ugly to be fucked by local guys,West men don't want swallow it but this is the true,中国姑娘都爱白人的大鸡吧,chinese girl need BWC.because chinese guy'cock are too small.,a lot of local guys are ugly and don't have a car and house so they can't be picky,what was his username ?,where can I watch more about the man,can anyone send me the former user name of the video and if there is anywhere else i can find his videos?,So this is where Smeagol has been hiding.,I hear that often, LongAsianDick, but even if it were true, even white rejects could score massive numbers in Asia -  how would that make you feel better?,这老外都秃顶了,嫖娼罢了,I think this is an art piece of work bro: a bald, gross white man is fucking a powerful countries` pussies. Conquer this country by your cock to get satisfied in someway, come on man, this will def make you remember something. I`m Chinese, I know lots of girl love BWC/BBC, which is true. While the country is standing up, its people also open their minds to try something new. So, you are welcomed to try on Chinese chicks, and vice versa, Chinese chicks are here to consume you.,""something new"" lolz Chinese women are prostitutes in West by 1700's,honestly it looks like he has a disease, maybe evem HIV. i don't like pre-judging people but something about his behavior makes it seem he has a fatal disease and is just fucking himself into the grave.,这老外真丑,中国女孩真丢人,请问这里是赛丑赛肥大会嘛?不过白猪把我国嫁不出去的矮矬剩女都消化了也不错哈,these girls are from country village,they are not raised in modern city,so they curious about foreign,mostly they want to learn can treat it as a exchange.Don't think a white loser can really fuck a beautiful city girl,they see much and don't like foreigners ,except you are really handsome and rich,you know,the same as your conutry.,还是洋枪好吃,哈哈哈。,我就愿意全家女性被白人艹!!!!!我爱白人大鸡巴!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Oh asian guys, you are so lucky you have the hottest women on earth!But well, this guy is ugly as fuck!,丑?丑男人草我妈妈才是最刺激的!!!越丑越刺激!,中国爸爸们快来草我妈妈吧!my mom love BWC and BBC !,Is that Mew2King?,You sure it`s just 6 ? i think threres alot pussies in thie vid bro ~ nice work !,..continued from my previous comment... recess chin, flatter/rounder nose, no jawline, eyes that are not set deeper (vs deep-set she’s) - and coupled with the shy or aloof/temperamental/moody attitude, they come across as not masculine at all. This guy’s physique is what Asian girls love - toned, sinewy, rougher/gruffier feel, hairy- again all Masc qualities. Asians are not naturally built this way - they’re smoother, less toned, even muscular Asians dont have the sinewy tone. And of co,Man, Asian women dream is BBC and not ""white"" I tell you like an Italian that fucked lots of Asian. Chinese women are doing prostitution with West by 1700's old West and they are no so much interested more. Black dick is the dream of any women why Caucasian cannot swallow it?,Jesus, you're still going on and on. Glad you have had enough of a sample size of a continent of men to know all this. Thanks professor,Imagine sleeping with this many (and possibly more) women and still not know how to fuck lmao,white trash is prohibited in China,When Mao, now China is back to 1800's,I wish that was true,Loser... Those chicks looked really into it. Like the plague. Lived in prc and had way better than that. Bro, you pathetic fool, in fact, you shamed yourself. What a blockhead..,this guy is disgusting,He looks like he's terrible in bed.,10$,lucky guy,can someone give link to originals in HD pls?,This man is fuck the massageS ,and also isa rubbish character,page was not found"
Kikree -19878362 ago
sucking cock is fun,ouh interracial porno! hot hot hot!,damn i need to find a glory hole around here somewhere,wowzerz she is bloody hot!!,mhmm... hot and sexy babe sucking that bbc!!! does she do more porn?,I loved her Top in this Porn! She looks like a normal Woman coming out of the Office for some Gloryhole Fun at Lunch!,I should be sucking that nice black cock,That cock looks delicious!
Zulunos -19619162 ago
"""I don't like eating pussy, it's not sanitary.""
Kazralkis -19619162 ago
Love the way her tits hang down,beautiful,Klasse Filme,Damn shes hot ! That sucking after the cum was amazing,absolutely HOT,thx.
Dihn -19187162 ago
I never boned a ninja bitch before. I hope she don't have a dick nose,One word ... Liar. Second word ... Arab. Same thing.,А в конце следует взрыв,Your absolutely gorgeous. ... I'm stroking my big hard cock rite now your sooo sexy,sexy, would love to have a chance to fuck her
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